Tuesday, September 24, 2013

While I've Been Away

I have seriously been neglecting my blog since November of last year. Shame on me! There has been a lot going in in the Marshall house since then : Ethan & Abby are both in school full time - the 2 Year Old class & K4 respectively. This stay at home momma is once again at work and loving it! And added bonus is that I still get to work part-time (ha!) but more full-time still, 3 days a week...which means getting some Momma Mornings on Mon & Fri while the kiddos are at school.

We did a lot this year - went to Disney to celebrate Abby's 4th birthday, Abby was in her first wedding as the flower girl for my cousin Alex & her hubby Clay, Abby went to her first A-Day Game, Had her first recital, her first slumber party. It doesn't sound like Ethan did much but he's been busy too! Playing outside, getting messy, eating, jumping off things, and being a big old sweetie! He is the epitome of a supportive brother to his sissy & a love bug to all who know him!

Since I've been away from the blog, I wanted to list some things the kiddos are doing at their ages of 4 1/2 and 2 (almost 3...sigh!) since this was an effort to remember the things I had hoped to not forget (blame the mommy brain!)

Abby - 4 1/2
This little girl loves, loves, loves, all things girlie...nailpolish, dressing up, shoes, accessories! She is big into technology, ipads, iphones, tablets, you name it. She still loves Chick-fil-A & Polynesian sauce. LOVES chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate brownies...does anyone else see a pattern here? She is enjoying dancing for a 2nd year at Tonya Speed's Dance Connection. She is incredibly talented at knowing how to dance to the music...she is way better than I was at her age. She loves her grandparents & her family. She is kind-hearted, slightly sensitive, smart and a wonderful little girl.

Ethan - 2 (almost 3)
This little boy is such a sweetie & a cutie...and he's lucky he is. He is always up to something, making a mess or just being too smart for his own good. He loves his sister (most of the time) and enjoys playing with trucks, cars, playing in the sprinkler, getting dirty. He even loves to wear his sisters play high heels and can walk remarkably well in them. He is a sweet, loving, funny little boy. He already has one liners he can pop at you and says the darndest things!

We truly are blessed beyond measure. That's all for now! More to come about our Disney trip later!

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